Casting Inquiries

Welcome to Troll Forged Miniatures

Hello! Welcome to Troll Forged Miniatures!

Thank you for your interest in creating with us. This document will provide general information about our casting processes, and prices for your reference. This is a general overview; we are willing to discuss changes to any system to fit your specific needs.


/>Here at Troll Forged, we can create high-quality metal masters that reproduce an original
3D print or hand-sculpted item. We make a vulcanized silicone mold from the original, then use
it to create numerous high detail metal casts. These casts are suitable as demonstration pieces
and studio models, and are most often used as sub-masters for the creation of production
Please note: the vulcanization process subjects the original master to very high heats and
pressures, resulting in the original not surviving the molding process. If the survival of the
original model is important to you, please ask about creating an RTV master before the
vulcanization process.
Production Molding:
All sub-masters are inspected by our quality control department to ensure that they meet the
designer’s, as well as our, standards. When this has been verified, a production mold can be
Production molds can be made to create multiples of a single figure, or a set of figures. Each
mold will be able to hold a calculated number of a figure, based on the size and complexity of
the figure. For example, we can fit 10 copies of a 28 mm figure of reasonable complexity into a
mold, with some room for an extra accessory part. Once the designer is satisfied with the
quality of the production molds, mass production can begin.
Troll Forged has the capability of creating models with our “Trollcast” spincasting resin process.
Spincasting resin is of great benefit to both designers and producers of models, as it creates
highly detailed models, with quick set times, and low costs. We are also able to do metal
production runs on request.
Once calculations for how many spins will be needed, production of the models will begin.
Designers can choose between receiving the raw models and inspecting them personally, or for
a nominal fee, Troll Forged will check and individually bag each model, making the product
ready to distribute as soon as it is received.
Process Cost
9” diameter/1” thick master mold $80
Each additional ½” of thickness of
master mold
Metal masters cost/pound $27
Silicone RTV molding/pound $25
12”x1” production mold $150
12”x1½” production mold $200
12”x2” production mold $300
1 spin of 12”x1” mold $9
Each additional ½” thickness of mold
being spun
Bulky figures Additional fees

For further inquiries, or a specific quote, please contact our mold makers:

Nick Hanger:
Ed Fortea:
Troll Forged Miniatures
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